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Industry Pros dedicated to jobsite safety through superior products and training.

DNA Safety is in Our DNA

  • Safety is core to Werner culture and history
  • A legacy of leadership in access at height
  • 150 years of combined fall protection expertise

CustomersDedicated Partner for Life

  • Unmatched national training team
  • Customer-focused throughout the lifecycle
  • Industry pros committed to a higher standard

Innovation  Innovation Comes Standard

  • In-house design, testing, and manufacturing
  • Designed to perform when it matters most
  • Leaders in post-fall safety


The Werner Product Promise


Product Promise ProForm Inspect

Must offer inspectability to indicate wear or damage prior to use.


Product Promise ProForm Adjustable

Must be adjustable to accommodate most body frames to ensure comfort and productivity with or without tools.


Product Promise ProForm Performance

Must perform safely in the event of a fall.


Product Promise ProForm Manipulation

Must be able to be manipulated in a post-fall condition to eliminate pain, pressure points and improve ability to assist in a rescue.


Fall Protection Resources


There are many features, end options, styles and attributes to choose from. We can help you navigate all of the details here.

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Werner Harness Label

The Werner Selection Guide

Werner wants to ensure you select the correct components for a complete fall protection system that meets your needs.

Fall Protection FAQs

We have compiled answers to your most common Fall Protection questions to ensure proper selection and safety.

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The Werner Fall Protection Lineup