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I started working as a Safety Director for my current employer back in July 2016 and from day one I set out to put together a world class training platform that I felt would eliminate serious injuries and fatalities (SIF’S). Almost 18 months later our injuries are way down year over year for the past 10 years and all injuries thus far have been minor. I started by addressing Falls from Height. By addressing the lack of PFAS training and quality fall protection gear first, I can say with confidence, that the ultimate Dream Team of Fall Protection training and supply came to fruition with the hard work of Werner’s End User Specialist team and our local supplier. Our distributor connected me with Jeff Dean from Werner and so began what I believe is the greatest level of training and supply of high quality PFAS gear that a Safety Director of a small GC could dream of. In closing, I am a better and far more knowledgeable Safety Director, thanks to the many phone calls, text messages and emails that Jeff has both answered and swiftly responded to. Thank you Jeff for being a part of my success in keeping all C-A employees safe when working at height.

-G. Rich

After extensive consideration, I purchased this Werner D8220-2EQ because safety and longevity were my primary concerns. I could have gotten by with a 200 lb. aluminum Type 3 rated ladder, but felt the 300 lb. fiberglass Type 1A rating would add to the ladder’s overall stability, longevity, and safety. The equalizer level adjustment is an incredibly useful safety feature, especially since my home is built on gently sloping property. I added the AC78 stabilizer, which makes this ladder absolutely rock solid at any height. I wasn’t sure how easy this commercial, heavy-duty ladder would be to manipulate for a single person, but as a 61 year-old, I can easily lift the ladder over my head, walk it around my home, and swing it into any position against my home with no problem at all. With the attached AC78 stabilizer, climbing up the ladder feels like I am walking up a concrete staircase. This ladder is a gem. 


I have used nothing but Werner since I started contracting. Everything I use, from the step ladders to the extension ladders, are top notch. I think "To not use Werner means your not using the right equipment." 


I have used mine in my business for the last 15 years. I have done things on this ladder I would never dream of doing on any other ladder. I have found it to be very stable. I have used the ladder as a bridge to get back into areas by climbing up one side and down the other to get into a tight corner. It is heavier the other ladders, but for the stability it is well worth it. When I have worn out parts they have been very quick to send out replacement parts. I will buy a third when the time comes. 


This ladder is so useful that I now have 3 of them. When I wash our Tahoe or F-150 truck it allows me to safely reach the top and all the windshield. Great for around the house and the shop. I plan to always have once of these handy. 


I am a Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Service Technician. I first purchased this ladder to aid in a remodeling project I was doing at home. Living in Wisconsin, I usually used a 6' fiberglass ladder every day for work and having to strap it to a ladder rack full of snow in the winter was a pain. I started using this ladder at work and it's awesome! I can keep it inside my van, it's light, and also is nice to use as a 13' extension ladder. I've had it for 3 years now working with it in a commercial environment and never had an issue. Also very affordable, worth every dime! 


I am an older 62 year-old man. I really like this ladder and its versatility. I can use it as a straight ladder to get on top my roof to clean my stove pipe. I can set it up as a scaffold and clean my gutters. I can put it in the back of my pickup, secure it to the ladder racks, and use it to prune and tend to my apple trees. I like the weight, it gives the feel of sturdiness I appreciate and it handles nicely. The easiest way for me to extend the ladder in A position, is for me to get inside the A, release the side locks and extend one side at a time while leaning the other side back. That way I don't have to handle any of the weight, just keep the ladder from tipping over sideways. That is not hard to do with such a wide base footprint.