Werner Ladder Attic Ladder Safety

Here are some tips to ensure that you use your attic ladder safely.
Like any ladder, it is important to follow safe practices when using an attic ladder. Whether you’re storing holiday decorations or accessing a water heater, follow our tips below for safe attic ladder usage.
Follow the instruction manual and make sure you’ve properly secured the attic ladder into the ceiling, it is square, and that the height has been adjusted properly. A ladder that is too short or too long should not be climbed. The feet should be flush with the floor and there should not be any gaps between sections. For the compact attic ladder, make sure that the ladder is installed with additional top stops (if needed) so it is at an angle between 68 and 80 degrees.
  • - Always completely unfold the sections of the ladder before climbing.
  • - Never put more weight (user plus materials being carried) on the ladder than it’s stated capacity.
  • - Werner attic ladders are for residential use only.
  • - Before climbing, always inspect the ladder to make sure all hinges and rivets are tight and in good condition.
  • - With the compact attic ladder, make sure all latches are in the “engaged” position before climbing.