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Werner Introduces ProForm Switchpoint™ Self-Rescue System Harness Add-On for Post-Fall Safety

May 22, 2024

ProForm Switchpoint Self-Rescue System Provides Safe, Controlled Lowering and Simple Transition for Descent


Itasca, IL, May 22, 2024 - Werner, the world leader in ladders and manufacturer of climbing products and fall protection equipment, today further advances fall protection and post-fall safety with the introduction of the ProForm Switchpoint Self-Rescue System. Designed for industry professionals who want to take control of their own rescue, the innovative system builds upon Werner’s patented Chair in the Air technology. In the event of a fall, the Werner ProForm Switchpoint Self-Rescue system allows suspended workers to easily transition from a safe seated position to a self-rescue descent in a few, simple steps.

Recently introduced, the high-performance ProForm SP Full Body Harness with SwitchPoint (SP) technology revolutionized post fall safety. To complete the fall protection offering, Werner has now released the new ProForm SP Self-Rescue System, which is an add-on kit that works with the ProForm SP harness to create a complete self-rescue system.

“Because every second counts when someone falls on the jobsite, we have further revolutionized the industry by putting self-rescue in the users’ hands,” said Eric Patrick, Jobsite Safety and Security Manager at WernerCo. “The ProForm SP Self-Rescue System makes transitioning from suspension to descension easy, allowing workers in high-risk environments to take more control of their safety.”


Self-Rescue System: How It works
The Self-Rescue System is a small kit that is added to the back of the Werner ProForm SP Harness. It is accessible with one hand and easy to deploy for a user suspended in a seated position in the air. After a fall and the SwitchPoint harness has been deployed, the suspended worker follows a few steps for a self-rescue descent up to 30 feet.

The Werner ProForm SP Self-Rescue System includes high-quality and innovative product features that  aid in a simple and seamless self-rescue.

  • One-Handed Access: The system is hand-packed in an ergonomic and easy access storage bag.
  • Safe-Controlled Lowering: The spring-loaded handle and abrasion-resistant rope allows the user to safely control their descent.
  • Premium Decent Device: The elevated side rails on the descent device eliminate glove interference.
  • Lightweight Carabiners: The lightweight aluminum carabiners are ANSI rated.
  • High-Strength Rope: The system features a high-strength kernmantle abrasion resistant rope for confident use under a worker’s body weight.


The Werner ProForm SP Self-Rescue System creates an integrated and lightweight self-rescue design for fall protection needs. With a 30-foot range, an auto-stop descent control device, and panic features, the ProForm SP Self-Rescue System is another tool employers have for rescue. The ProForm SP Self-Rescue System is available nationally. For more information, visit the product page.


Werner, a WernerCo Professional brand, is the world leader in ladders and has a complete line of climbing products designed for working at heights. The portfolio includes ladders, scaffolding, pump jacks, stages, planks, accessories and fall protection equipment including harnesses, lanyards, anchors and compliance kits. From ladders to fall protection, WERNER provides a full line of climbing equipment that is engineered for maximum safety, durability and productivity at every height. All Werner products meet or exceed applicable international safety standards. For more information, visit

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