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New Werner Fall Protection Expansion Creates Future-Proof Safety Portfolio

Jun 23, 2021

Through innovation and acquisition, Werner offers exclusive anchoring solutions that solidify its position as a leading brand in fall protection


Itasca, IL, June 23, 2021 — Werner, the world leader in ladders and the manufacturer of climbing products and fall protection equipment, today announces a major expansion in its range of fall protection anchorage connectors. Through its acquisition of ClimbTech, Werner is now the exclusive provider of renown anchoring solutions that have been trusted for years, including: Removable Bolt Concrete Anchors (aka “Lollipop Anchors”), Mega-Swivel Anchors, I-Beam Sliding and Fixed Anchors, Toggle Bolt Anchors, Rescue Ladders, and more.

This expansion ties into Werner’s Fall Protection Pillars: 1.) Safety is in our DNA 2.) Dedicated Partner for Life 3.) Innovation Comes Standard. Committed to supporting users’ current and future needs, Werner has also added engineering personnel and enhanced its capabilities in customer support and education – further strengthening areas where Werner has been an industry leader for years.

“We are winning by focusing on differentiated innovation and customer needs driven by our connections with end-users through our hands-on training and education,” said Eric Miller, WernerCo’s vice president and general manager of fall protection.

In addition to adding several key exclusive products to its fall protection line, Werner has expanded its current range of anchors. The new fall protection anchorage offerings are already helping end-users solve real-world problems by combatting environmental factors that compromise safety and helping to prevent human error.

“Werner has become a leading brand of fall protection products in the construction market through its unrivaled training support and innovative product designs,” Miller said.


Werner is Your Broad Line Fall Protection Provider

The Werner anchor expansion solidifies the company’s position as the exclusive provider of several key fall protection products, including:

  • Removable Bolt Concrete Anchors - Also known as “lollipop” anchors, the expanded line of RB anchors includes more than 12 different products based on size and application, with multiple color options available for certain anchors. Werner’s RB anchor line is available in the following configurations:
    • 5K Concrete Anchors: Exclusively available in a range of colors and with D-ring connectors.
    • 10K Concrete Anchors: Built for heavy-duty fall protection and rigging.
    • Mining anchors: Industry-specific anchors available in two sizes, 39mm and 47mm.


  • Mega-Swivel Family - The new Mega-Swivel anchor family includes more than 20 variations based on material type and application, including concrete or steel. The fall protection anchor line includes multiple add-on options such as weldable pucks and backing plates that further increase their range of applications. The Mega-Swivel family is available in the following configurations:
    • 5K Mega-Swivel Stainless: Available in two different colors for both concrete and steel applications.
    • 10K Mega-Swivel: A heavier-duty anchor, available for both concrete and steel applications.
    • 10K Mega-Swivel Hybrid: A removable anchor made for both mining and concrete applications.
    • Accessories: Support products including a weld-on mounting kit and a 10K backing plate.


  • Beam Anchor Family - Werner now offers six different steel I-beam sliders, one vertical and fixed-beam clamp and a beam trolley. The beam anchor family is available in the following configurations:
    • Sliders: Temporary, movable anchors available in a range of colors and sizes up to 30 inches.
    • I-Beam Fixed Anchor: Available with flanges from 4 to 14 inches.
    • I-Beam Trolley Anchor: Heavy-duty, adjustable trolley built with steel rollers.


  • Rescue Toggles, Slings, Precast and More - As a leader in jobsite safety and fall protection, Werner offers multiple products to assist in recovery and rescue. These products include:
    • Rescue Ladder: Available as a standalone product or as part of a kit, the rescue ladder can quickly be attached to an anchor for immediate deployment.
    • Toggles: Easy-to-use toggle anchors available in a seven-color range.
    • Slings: Sliding anchors that offer simplicity and a wide range of movement, available in three different lengths up to six feet.
    • Precast Anchors: Innovative EVO and SLI precast solutions that allow users to install and remove anchors throughout a jobsite without leaving the ground.


Werner’s anchorage solutions are already solving real-world challenges in the industry highlighted by the temporary ban of concrete web straps in New York City construction sites. Inexpensive nylon webbing and forged D-ring connectors are subject to sun degradation, fraying in windy environments and, most importantly, human error.

The straight loop insert is a patented mechanical solution to concrete web straps that effectively mitigates the risk of human error. When improperly installed, the straight loop insert becomes unusable, helping to ensure strong connection points. The Mega-Swivel can also be used in place of traditional concrete web straps.

The new Werner fall protection anchors and drop safety equipment are now available online and from distributors nationwide. For more information, visit





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