Werner Ladder - Climbing Pro Ladder Safety Training
By the end of this course, you will be able to: select the right ladder for your job, properly inspect your ladder, handle and transport your ladder to prevent damage, and know the right ways to use your ladder safely.
Werner Ladder - Ladder Inspection
It’s important to inspect every ladder before every use, follow these steps and remember when in doubt tag it and throw it out. Werner Climbing Pro, a public service series designed to promote ladder safety through education.
Werner Ladder - Seguridad con las escaleras
Al finalizar este curso, podrá seleccionar la escalera apropiada para su trabajo, inspeccionarla correctamente, manipularla y transportarla para evitar daños y conocer las maneras adecuadas de utilizar la escalera de manera segura.
Werner Ladder - Climbing Pro Pump Jack Safety Training
This video covers how to use and operate aluminum pumpjack systems and accessories.
Werner Ladder - Climbing Pro Pump Jack Inspection
This video covers how to inspect aluminum pump jack systems and accessories before each use.
National Ladder Safety Month Is Almost Here!
Tune in on March 10th to the Lifestyle List on WE tv to learn about the top five misuses of ladders and suggestions for how to stay safe this year.