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Werner Announces New Bantam Switch, First Reverse-System Self Retracting Lifeline (SRL)

Feb 5, 2024

New Bantam Switch SRL transfers weight of housing unit from user’s back to the anchor point; Revolutionary advancement lightens the load on a person’s back to 0 lbs and increases productivity for professionals working at height  


Itasca, IL, February 5, 2024 - Werner, the world leader in ladders and the manufacturer of climbing products and fall protection equipment, today introduces the Fall Protection Bantam Switch, a major self-retracting lifeline advancement, adding to the company’s comprehensive fall protection product portfolio for professionals working at height. This innovative advancement in SRLs achieves an industry goal of reducing the housing unit’s weight that is usually carried on a professional’s back. Self-Retracting Lifelines allow users the safety, flexibility and freedom of movement when working at height and are an important component of any fall protection system as it protects the user from falls on the jobsite.

“Our goal when designing the new Bantam Switch SRL was to reduce the weight of the housing units that professionals carry on their back to zero pounds and we’ve now become the first in our industry to achieve that,” said Melissa Moss, Product Marketing Manager at WernerCo Professional Brands. “By connecting the housing unit to the anchor point vs. the traditional approach of connecting the unit to the D-ring on the user’s harness, Werner has reduced the weight and bulk the professional carries.”


Forward-thinking Design Provides Enhanced Comfort, Flexibility and Freedom
The new Fall Protection Bantam Switch, that can be used for a variety of applications, provides unencumbered movement without the discomfort and weight of an SRL housing unit on the worker’s back. The most important function of a self-retracting lifeline is to protect users on the jobsite and minimize injuries. Now professionals can lighten the load and increase their productivity for the job at hand.

The new Fall Protection Bantam Switch features:

  • More Flexibility and Freedom: Small, simplified back pad allows users to achieve greater range of motion and flexibility for maximum productivity.
  • Transfers Weight Off User: The switch in mechanism placement transfers the weight of the SRL housing unit from the user to the anchor point.
  • Industry First Innovation: For years, the industry has been looking for ways to reduce the weight of housing units professionals have to carry on their back. Unlike traditional SRLs, the Bantam Switch connects the housing unit to the anchor point verses the D-ring, removing the weight and bulk the user carries.
  • Reduce impact of a fall: The integrated backpack style shock pack reduces the impact of a fall to protect the user.
  • Increase comfort and reduce frustration: The anchor-attaching housing unit paired with the omni-directional swivel transfers almost all weight from the user’s back to the anchor point without compromising performance. The omni-directional swivel design at the housing connection also reduces potential line twists.


Werner has introduced eight new Class 1 models of the Fall Protection Bantam Switch SRL, available in multiple weights as well as single leg or twin leg options. The new SRL is both ANSI and OSHA Certified. For more information about Werner’s Fall Protection equipment, please visit


Werner, a WernerCo Professional brand, is the world leader in ladders and has a complete line of climbing products designed for working at heights. The portfolio includes ladders, scaffolding, pump jacks, stages, planks, accessories and fall protection equipment including harnesses, lanyards, anchors and compliance kits. From ladders to fall protection, WERNER provides a full line of climbing equipment that is engineered for maximum safety, durability and productivity at every height. All Werner products meet or exceed applicable international safety standards. For more information, visit


WernerCo Professional Brands is a privately owned, fully integrated, international manufacturer and distributor of access products, fall protection equipment, secure storage systems and light duty construction equipment. WernerCo's business model and growth is defined by innovation and continuous improvement of the products, processes and services they deliver. WernerCo products are Trusted Everywhere Work Gets Done™! For a full list of industry leading global brands, visit





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