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Werner Adds Welding High Heat Harnesses to its Fall Protection Lineup

Dec 12, 2019

New Werner Fall Protection Harnesses with Full Kevlar Webbing Extends Harness Offering to Applications Involving Welding and High Heat


Itasca, IL, December 12, 2019 - Werner, the world leader in ladders and the manufacturer of climbing products and fall protection equipment, introduced new Welding High Heat Fall Protection Harnesses today. Designed for mechanical, electrical and welding contractors, the entire harness is comprised of Kevlar webbing with a char resistance up to 700 degrees. The Welding High Heat Fall Protection Harness was developed for end users working at heights who encounter weld spatter and high heat applications. This new fall protection harness is the only one on the market that is designed for welding and high heat applications while also being equipped with Patented Relief Handles to help users reach a safe position in a post-fall situation.

“The Welding High Heat Harnesses were designed with two key pain points in mind,” said Eric Miller, Director of Product Management at Werner. “First, we wanted to create a welding high heat fall protection harness that was constructed using Kevlar webbing throughout the entire harness versus some designs that only use it in certain sections. And secondly, we wanted to create a fall protection harness for welding and high heat applications that addresses user safety in a post fall condition.”


Designed for Safety, High-Heat Performance and Comfort

The Welding High Heat Harnesses have easy-to-grab Patented Relief Handles that are distinguishable by their yellow color. These handles are designed to aid users in a post-fall condition as they shift into a ‘Chair in the Air’ position. This position helps them achieve a gravity override, which relieves potentially deadly pressures on the femoral arteries that originate from extended suspension time. The fall protection harness is also designed with an impact indicator which shows if it has been involved in a fall—another safety feature to protect users. The new Welding High Heat Harnesses are compliant with OSHA, and ANSI z359.11 standards.

The new Werner Welding High Heat Fall Protection Harnesses are made entirely of Kevlar webbing, which is a superior material for high heat, due to its char resistance threshold of up to 700 degrees. Nomex strap keepers keep excess webbing organized and out of the way and the label protection helps to ensure the integrity of the material. The hardware on the Welding High Heat Harnesses is high strength steel. 

Along with enhanced safety elements, the Welding High Heat Harness was designed and manufactured for comfort and fit. The fall protection harnesses are available in four sizes with quick connect technology for chest, legs and hip adjustments, ensuring both fast and easy fitting. As the connection point, the dorsal D-ring on the back of the harness is adjustable to accommodate an optimal fit on most body frames. It is also built off the Arc Flash harness design and is compatible with the Werner Arc Flash lanyards and Arc Flash self-retracting lifelines.

The Werner Welding High-Heat Harness is now available nationally. For more information, visit




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