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Access a Higher Standardâ„¢ with Werner's New Line of Fall Protection Equipment

Nov 14, 2011

Greenville, PA – The new Werner Fall Protection product portfolio reaffirms Werner's commitment to safety and position as a professional products manufacturer. Werner is extending their promise to end users by providing safe access at any height with the introduction of this new category. 

According to the 2009 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 605 workers were killed and an estimated 212,760 workers were seriously injured by falls. Workers’ compensation and medical costs associated with occupational fall incidents have been estimated at approximately $70 billion annually in the United Sates. Launching in early 2012, Werner has complemented their extensive line of climbing equipment with a wide range of Fall Protection products. The complete line includes a variety of anchors, connecting devices, harnesses, vertical lifelines, compliance kits and accessories. 

The new Fall Protection line is built on four key Werner Product Promises. All products must: 
1. Offer inspectability to indicate wear or damage 
2. Be adjustable to accommodate most body frames to ensure comfort and productivity 
3. Perform safely in the event of a fall 
4. Be quickly manipulated in a post-fall condition to eliminate pain and pressure points, and to improve rescue assistance 

Unique features of the Werner equipment include WebAlert Inspectable webbing with contrasting colored fibers embedded in the harness and lanyard structure to provide an instant visual indicator of wear, impact or damage. INSPECT™, a safety label/tag system, is also featured on all harnesses to ensure safety monitoring, maintenance and data recording. 

The harness family includes the LITEFIT™ safety harness, the Blue Armor 1000 inspectable harness designed to meet the needs of pros, and the Blue Armor 2000 manufactured for serious professionals with the most demanding jobs . The harness line also offers a complete range of safety levels with the right harness, the right fit and the right value based on the user’s working conditions. Harnesses come in standard, climbing, positioning, retrieval and construction styles with alternate attachment hardware for specific applications. 

Lanyards are available in DeCoil™ energy absorbing, DeCoil™ Stretch with energy absorbing elastic, and SoftCoil™ internal energy absorbing models with various configurations and lanyard hook options. AutoCoil™ self retracting and vertical lifelines, along with a variety of anchor connectors, accessories, and compliance kits round out the new Fall Protection line by Werner. 

“The new Fall Protection line of products is a testament to Werner’s commitment to workplace safety,” say Chris Filardi, Vice President of Marketing. “We know what professionals want and need, and make it our mission to deliver the quality and dependability pros have come to trust from Werner.” 

Additionally, effective June 16, 2011 OSHA will start offering citations to employers if they fail to comply with the Fall Protection Compliance Guidelines for Residential Construction: 1926.501(b)(13) states…workers “engaged in residential construction activities 6 feet (1.8 m) or more above lower levels shall be protected by guardrail systems, safety net system, or personal fall arrest system.” 

Werner's new Fall Protection Equipment will be available in the first quarter of 2012. Find additional details at