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William T. Allen, President and Chief Executive Officer of Werner Co., is Elected Chairman of the Board of Directors

Apr 27, 2009

GREENVILLE, Pa., April 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Werner Co. announced today that William T. Allen, current President and Chief Executive Officer, has been elected Chairman of the Board, effective March 24, 2009. He will continue to hold the President and Chief Executive titles, and is charged with providing the long term vision for the organization and guiding current efforts to meet overall performance and profit objectives in today's challenging economy. 

Under the leadership of Mr. Allen, Werner Co. has made great strides in positioning the organization for future growth and profitability, while continuing to focus on providing superior product under its strong family of brands. 

Mr. Allen noted, "Werner is looking at substantial growth opportunities, both with new product categories and expansion into new markets. Our strong brand portfolio allows us to service the professional industry, DIYers and homeowners with a broad line of products that meet both their requirements and their budgets." 

With strategically positioned manufacturing and distribution facilities, and the integration and expansion of the Green Bull operations in Louisville, KY, the company is poised for growth through improved logistics and additional manufacturing capabilities. 

"We have always placed customer satisfaction as a top priority in driving growth. Our focus is on building the business and helping our industrial and retail partners grow both their top and bottom lines. Achieving those goals will provide us with the means for growth and, ultimately, the satisfaction of all the company's stakeholders," said Mr. Allen.