Safety Before You Use A Ladder

After you have chosen the right ladder for the job, use our quick checklist before you even step foot on a ladder.


Read Instruction Labels

Werner ladders and other work at height products are sold with safety instructions to guide users. These instructions and warnings should always be read before climbing. Failure to follow all instructions and warnings may result in serious injury or death. Be aware of and comply with British Standards and other codes and regulations.

Browse our Literature Section to find the safety instructions. 

Ladder Inspection

Look over your ladder carefully when you buy it and each time before climbing. Look for missing, damaged or loose components. NEVER USE A DAMAGED LADDER.

Make sure that working parts move properly and that all connections are secure. Carefully check spreaders, extension ladder clutch, ropes and safety feet. Visit our Ladder Inspection Guide, simple to follow on how to inspect a ladder to make sure it's fit for use.

Care & Maintenance

Keep ladders in good condition. Clean spills or drips and keep the ladder free from oil, paint, mud, water and other slippery materials. Lightly lubricate moving parts.

Store ladders out of reach of children. Firmly support and protect ladders from heat, weather and corrosive materials.

Correct Usage

Fully open the stepladder and firmly lock both spreaders. Ensure clutches are fully engaged on extension ladders. Position the ladder so you can face your work and do not have to lean sideways.

Place the extension ladder top so both stiles are fully supported. Support area should be at least 300mm wide on both sides of the ladder. The 4 to 1 Ratio illustration describes the correct angle for an extension ladder.

Be sure that all ladder feet are on firm, level ground. Don't place a ladder on slippery surfaces or place loose materials underneath a ladder.

Use fibreglass ladders if there is even a remote possibility of working near electricity or overhead power lines. Fibreglass stiles are electrically non-conductive.

Werner Extension Ladder 4 to 1 Ratio

4 to 1 Ratio

Extension Ladder Correct Angle Guide 

Place an extension ladder at approx. 65- 75o  angle. The set-back ("S") needs to be 1m away from the building for each 4m of length ("L") to the upper support point.

Ladder Training

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DO's & DON'Ts For Ladder Use

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Frequently Asked Questions

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