Benefits of Fibreglass

Fibreglass - also called reinforced polymer (GRP) is a material universally recognised for being lightweight, extremely strong and robust and, of course, non-conductive to electricity.

Our fibreglass ladders are designed with non-conductive stiles, which means the risk of electrical shock can be avoided for those who working near electricity, for undertaking electrical contracting jobs or for domestic electrical works. The fibreglass stiles are also non-marking and warm to the touch and retains its smooth surface over the duration of its lifetime, therefore ideal for specialist trades such as painting and decorating.

Below are three key benefits of our fibreglass ladders to demonstrate why fibreglass is the best overall materials for any types of jobs around the worksite.

Maximum Strength

Inherently strong and robust; ladders made from fibreglass offer high resistance to denting and twisting. Consistent quality and low maintenance are characteristics of fibreglass. These automatically lead to cost savings over time. Competitive whole-of-life costs are a recognised benefit of fibreglass ladders.

Werner Fibreglass Ladders - Maximum Strength

Maximum Durability

Extremely resistant to weathering, fibreglass does not absorb moisture or significantly weaken in the sun and does not corrode or rust.

Non-marking, fibreglass is warmer to the touch and retains its smooth surface. Fibreglass ladders are therefore ideal for specialist trades such as painting and decorating.

Werner Fibreglass Ladders - Maximum Durability

Maximum Safety

Fibreglass does not conduct electricity, so it’s safer to use around power lines or other live sources of electricity.

Electricians and other professionals working around electricity should choose fibreglass ladders.

Werner Fibreglass Ladders - Maximum Safety

Werner has the full range of fibreglass ladders help you get the job done safely.

Swingback Step Ladders

H-spreader enables single handed operation and add to the strength and stability of the ladder. Available in 6 sizes.

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Platform Step Ladders

Heavy-duty steel platform provides a comfortable and secure work area. Available in 8 sizes.

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Podium Step Ladders

Waist-high guard rail securely wraps around work zone and extra-large platform feels like you're standing on the ground. Available in 5 sizes.

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Utility Extension Ladders

The leather rung bows and rope lash securely support the ladder top to lighting columns, traffic lights and telegraph poles. Suitable for heavy duty industrial use. Available in 5 sizes.

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Trade Extension Ladders

The exclusive ALFLO rung joints offer Twist-Proof performance on the job. Moulded foot brace provides protection against damage. Suitable for trade use. Available in 5 sizes.

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Lock-In Accessories

Unique Werner Lock-In accessories expand your work surface and limit trips up and down the ladder. For use with fibreglass step ladders.

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