4 Things to consider before buying a loft ladder

There are many types of loft ladders in the market, so choosing a right loft ladder is not just about knowing the dimensions but also about considering quality and safety. All Werner loft ladders are manufactured and tested to the required EN14975 standard. Below are four things that will help you choose the right loft ladder.

1. Dimensions

When choosing a loft ladder, the first thing is to measure your loft space to see what ladder size is required.

It's important to make sure you accurately measure the loft opening size, floor to ceiling height, floor to loft floor height, opening arc, as well as loft storage space, so you select a ladder that will fit the space you have. Using the measurements below help you to understand the dimensions.

Floor to Loft Height

Measure the floor to loft floor height, which is the vertical distance from the finished floor to the loft floor. If you're considering a timber loft ladder, you will need to measure from the finished floor to the finished ceiling.

Floor to loft floor height

How to choose a loft ladder - floor to loft floor height

Floor to ceiling height

How to choose a loft ladder - floor to ceiling height

Opening Size

Measure the rough opening in your ceiling, both the width and length. It's important to understand the opening size you have or will create to ensure you select the right loft ladder for your home.

How to choose a loft ladder - hatch opening size

Clearance Space

Measure the clearance arc and length behind the hatch in the loft, it's important to know you have adequate clearance space for store the ladder in the loft. If you're considering our timber loft ladder product, the ladder is stored within the trapdoor so no floor space is used in the loft. You will need to measure the opening arc to ensure the amount of space available to swing out the ladder sections of your ladder.

Clearance arc and length behind the hatch

How to choose a loft ladder - clearance arc and length behind the hatch

Opening Arc (folding loft ladders only)

How to choose a loft ladder - opening arc

2. Materials

Whether you prefer lightweight aluminium or economical wood, we have loft ladders for your needs. The aluminium loft ladders we manufacture are lightweight, easy to install and great value for money. Our timber loft ladders are constructed with solid wood for durability, and every unit comes completed with ladder, loft surround, insulated trapdoor and assisted stowage.

3. Loft Access Solutions

Werner has the full range of loft ladders for your needs. You can choose your new loft ladder by the space you have - for example compact loft ladders are perfect in restricted spaces. 

Space-saving Loft Ladders

Easy operation with a space-saving design, uses no headroom or storage space in the loft.

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Lightweight Loft Ladders

Easy installation, lightweight aluminium sliding loft ladders.

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Compact Loft Ladders

Requires less loft clearance and storage space so ideal in restricted spaces.

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4. Installation

Every Werner loft ladder is supplied with a step-by-step instruction manual to assist you with installation. Some loft ladders require modification to the joist and may require 2 people to install. If you are in doubt, please contact us for assistance or hire a professional loft ladder fitter. 

Installation Videos

Watch the step-by-step videos to installing the Werner loft ladder.

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Installation Manuals

Download the installation instructions to assist you with installation.