WernerCo launches bucket loads of fall protection

Nov 2, 2018

WernerCo has launched a new range of fall protection equipment designed to protect workers in high-risk environments from falls and fall-related injuries. The new collection consists of four fall protection systems, which can be purchased as a complete set supplied in a waterproof bucket or individual products.

Already specialists in the USA and Australia for fall protection kits, this is the first range of its kind from WernerCo for the UK market. The range provides a complete solution to keep anyone working at height safe and comfortable.

The Werner Work Restraint Kit comes complete with a one-point harness and fixed length 1.8m lanyard, which is designed to keep the user at a safe distance from an exposed edge to prevent a fall from occurring. The one-point harness has adjustable leg and chest straps and the sub-pelvic strap reduces suspension trauma by allowing the user to move into a seated position in the event of a fall. The 1.8m fixed length lanyard eliminates adjustment buckle slippage and ensures the user stays within the designated work area. This kit is designed for anyone who spends long hours working at height in fixed positions on flat roofs, fragile surfaces and mobile elevating work platforms.

The Werner Fall Arrest Kit has a two-point harness and 2m shock-absorbing fall arrest lanyard. With a fully adjustable chest, shoulder and leg webbing straps for a comfortable fit, the sub-pelvic strap will reduce suspension trauma whilst providing maximum support in the event of a fall. The rear dorsal D ring is designed to keep the user in their harness in the event of a backwards fall whilst the front anchor enables connection with the front facing rope lifeline and rescue systems. The 2m shock-absorbing lanyard will reduce impact in the event of a fall and with heavy duty scaffold hooks and snap hook connectors, the 2m lanyard ensures the user is always safely connected to the harness and an anchor point around the work area. This kit will provide maximum support in the event of a fall for anyone working on flat roofs, scaffold systems, exposed edges and fragile surfaces.

The Werner Professional Roofers Kit provides all the fall protection products necessary for working around roofing. Designed to be easy to use on a variety of roof pitches, this kit also includes a two-point harness, a 10m rope lifeline, automatic rope grab with an integrated slow release shock absorbing lanyard, 1.5m webbing anchorage sling and steel karabiner. The 1.5m web anchorage sling can be attached around beams and other permanent structures such as trees or telegraph poles to create a safe anchor point, whilst the heavy duty karabiner has a screw-lock system for added security. In addition to being suitable for anyone working on roofs, fragile surfaces and exposed edges, this kit is also ideal for anyone working on vertical ladders or vertical beam type structures.

Finally, the Werner Construction Workers Kit comes complete with all the components for a safe fall protection system in a variety of environments for a range of applications. The 2.5m self-retracting lifeline allows more freedom of movement around the jobsite whilst providing safe, reliable protection for workers. The lifeline extends and retracts automatically during typical use and a brake will activate in the event of a fall, stopping the user within a short distance and limiting fall arrest forces. While the webbing is protected thanks to the resistant plastic housing, the lifeline’s 360o swivel coupler and steel karabiner ensure easy and comfortable manoeuvrability whilst working at height. The kit also includes a 1.5m web anchorage sling which can be attached around beams and other structures and is ideal for anyone working on flat roofs, scaffold systems, exposed edges, fragile surfaces and construction site steelwork.

All harnesses are certified to EN361:2002 and feature stitching patterns that indicate post fall condition and aid equipment inspection before use. All metal buckles are zinc passivated to prevent rusting and deterioration of webbing material. The lanyards are also made from high visibility polyester with heavy duty stitching and reinforced loops to eliminate wear and tear.

Each kit is supplied in a handy colour coded waterproof bucket that keeps all components safe from damage and allows for easy storage and transportation. In addition to the four complete fall arrest kits, the individual components can also be purchased separately.

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