Stepping up to Safety series 3: Train to gain

Oct 21, 2022

Werner, the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of ladders and access equipment, is championing health and safety training with the launch of its new campaign ‘Stepping up to Safety’. In this mini-series, Trevor Rabson, Werner’s Training Manager, will look at why training is so important when it comes to working at height safely, what contractors need to consider and how best practice can make all the difference between safe working and potential injuries.

Series 3 talks about what training is available when it comes to ladder and tower safety, what it entails and how to access it.

There are a variety of work at height training courses available within the construction industry, depending on what equipment users utilise. Most of these courses can be completed within one day and are a cost effective way of ensuring that workers are safe and competent when using equipment to work at height.

But what are they, who organises them and where can they be undertaken?

Ladder Association affiliated safety training

The Ladder Association is a not-for-profit lead industry body dedicated to promoting the safe use of portable ladders. As part of this remit it works closely with organisations, such as Werner, to support codes of good practice, minimum standards for equipment and education in the work at height sector.

Courses comprise practical and theory assessments and cover when and how to choose and use, how to handle and how to store a ladder, understanding the law and standards, as well as how to highlight potential hazards. They include:

Ladders & Stepladders for Users

This course is for anyone who regularly uses ladders or stepladders as part of their daily work. It consists of practical and theory assessments and covers when and how to use a ladder, handling and storage, understanding the law, standards, and potential hazards. (Half day course)

Ladders & Stepladders Inspection

This course is aimed at anyone who is responsible for inspecting and maintaining ladders or stepladders in their workplace. It is as comprehensive as the Ladder & Stepladder User course, and covers practical guidance on assessing the need for inspection, fault-finding and recommending actions, record keeping, as well as the law. (Half day course)

Combined User & Inspection

This course is aimed at anyone who is responsible for using AND inspecting ladders or stepladders in their workplace. It covers Legislation and Criteria for Ladder Use, Ladder Types, Components and Standards, Hazard Assessing Risks – S.T.E.P, Storage, Transportation & Maintenance and Inspection of Ladders & Step Ladders. (Full day course)

Steps and Step Stools for users

This is a shorter course (minimum 2.5 hours), aimed at more occasional users of stepladders and step stools – those working in shops, offices, schools, hospitals and other sectors where using this equipment to access height is infrequent. The course covers essential information in the safe use of ladders, ladder standards, hazards and regulations.

At the end of these Ladder Association courses, users will receive a certificate and LadderCard, which is valid for five years, to demonstrate competence when working with ladders.

PASMA affiliated access tower and podium safety training

Founded in 1974, the Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ and Manufacturers’ Association (PASMA), is the recognised focus and authority for mobile access towers. PASMA advances safety, standards and best practice across a wide range of sectors and represents the interests of its members. Through PASMA affiliated trainers, such as Werner, there are a range of courses available that will equip users with the specialist knowledge they need to work safely with mobile access towers.

For users who purely use towers, there is a one-day course available, PASMA Towers for Users. Through this course users will learn:

  • How to safely assemble, dismantle, alter and move mobile access towers
  • How to safely use mobile access towers
  • How to inspect mobile access towers
  • How to identify hazards relating to their use
  • What legislation, regulations and guidance are applicable to these towers

For those who work with towers and low-level access equipment, there is a combined course that will equip users with the specialist knowledge they need to work safely with this equipment.

If a user is new to towers or tower training, Towers for Users, and/or the combined course is the ideal starting place. It’s taken by more than 70,000 delegates each year and once it’s been completed, users become eligible for more advanced courses which cover different tower configurations, such as linked towers, towers on stairways, cantilever towers or towers with bridges.

Once one of the above courses had been completed, if applicable, users can then move on to more advanced tower configurations. There’s a dedicated course for each standard tower configuration. They each last one day and can be completed in any order. Learning to work safely with advanced standard configurations means that users can use towers on more challenging sites, overcome obstacles and create larger platforms.

At the end of these PASMA training courses, users will receive a certificate and card, which is valid for 5 years, to demonstrate competence when working with towers.

Training partner

Werner is proud to work as a partner with both the Ladder Association and PASMA to offer ladder safety and tower training courses to individuals and businesses with a view to increasing the safety of working at height.

Stepping up to Safety

As part of its bid to help increase safety when people are working at height, Werner has recently launched its Stepping up to Safety campaign, to help professionals stay safe when working at height.

Working at height injuries and fatalities can be reduced with the drive for change from industry manufacturers and associations to lead the way in safety when working at height, leaving employers and employees feeling confident and safe at work.

To find out more information on the Stepping up to Safety campaign and to download the Inspecting your ladder guide visit: Stepping up to Ladder Safety



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