Loft Ladders Expert Comment

Mar 1, 2021

I have had to clear plenty of space to create a home office, and need to store things in my loft which I may need to gain access to regularly. Is there a ladder which will allow me to do this easily, and which I will also be confident to use alone?


Jamie Brassington, Product Manager at WernerCo, answers:

People have now had to modify their homes like never before, and for many, this has meant utilising space which may previously have been used for storage.

If you are looking to maximise your living space by storing more household items in the loft, it is important that you have a loft ladder which will not take up any much-needed room. The Werner Hideaway Timber Loft Ladder is a sturdy loft access solution, with a space-saving design which requires no additional loft clearance.

The ladder is supplied as a fully assembled unit making installation easier, and once fitted will store within an insulated trapdoor, which comes with a rubber draught excluder that prevents loss of heat and draughts. For additional peace of mind, you’ll also find added safety features including a pre-fitted handrail for additional security.

Also made with practicality in mind is the Werner Aluminium Loft Ladder, which can be extended from three overlapping sections, and affixed to the inside of the loft. Quick and easy to use, you simply lower down the ladder when access is needed, and with a 150kg load capacity, you’ll be able to store items confidently and with ease.

This ladder, which is suitable for heights up to 3m, is supplied with all the fittings required and can be installed easily without requiring a professional installer. Its key features include a handrail for added safety and D-shaped rungs for added comfort and stability.



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