Five top tips for preparing your garden for spring safely

Mar 1, 2021

Although many gardeners will put away their tools during the winter months, this is in fact the perfect time to get your garden primed and ready for springtime. Whether you are a gardening pro with heaps of tools at your disposal, or are a complete DIY novice who is looking to take up a new hobby during lockdown, it’s okay to admit that sometimes when working outside you need some additional help (and height).

Here are some tips for you to keep in mind to ensure you’re completing outdoor DIY safely, with the help of the Werner 12 in 1 Multi-purpose Ladder.

Always start with the instructions: The Werner 12 in 1 Multi-purpose Ladder can be used in a multitude of areas including the garden, but that doesn’t mean it’s ‘one size fits all’ when taking your work outside. Before using this super-versatile piece of equipment, select which one of its 12 positions is best for the job in hand, as whether your hedge trimming or working on the guttering, you’re likely to require a different position.

Lock yourself in place – This platform features a simple click-lock hinge system, and has a built-in stabiliser bar for extra security, so you can rest assured you’ve got a steady workspace. Before you try this out for the first time however, make sure you know how these security features work and that you can confidently use the locking mechanism - it is for your safety after all.

What to do if you’re ‘rained off’ – If you’re using this time to get ahead of your outdoor DIY, it’s important to dress appropriately for the conditions you’re working in. This includes wrapping up in warm clothing, using safety goggles where necessary, and wearing appropriate and sturdy footwear for using a ladder. Some adverse weather conditions will not be appropriate for working from height outdoors, so in this case it’s always better to leave it for another day and head indoors.

Take care of yourself as well as your home - We know that most of you will be eager to protect your home from marks and damage when doing DIY, but it’s just as important to protect yourself from scrapes and injuries. This multifunctional ladder can be used in 12 different positions, so there is really no need to overstretch.

Clean up before you clear out – If you’re clearing out those hard to reach areas, make sure you clean up the space around you before using a ladder. It has a slip-resistant work platform to protect you whilst working at height, but always make sure you have cleared up any paint or oil to help minimise the risk of slips on the ground.



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