The compact and versatile 3 in 1 ladder can be switched to 3 different ladder modes that suit the job at hand, including as a step ladder, extension ladder and stairwell ladder position - perfect when needing to access hard-to-reach areas on stairs. The telescopic feature enables you to adjust the ladder to different height positions. Ideal for decorating and maintenance work.

1 Ladder

Compact & Versatile

3 Modes

Step, Stairwell, Extension

Up To 30

Height Positions


4 x 3

Werner MT Telescopic Ladder Extension Ladder Fitting Joists

  • Closed length: 0.97m
  • Safe working height
    • Step ladder: 2.26m
    • Extension ladder: 3.53m
    • Stairwell ladder: 2.26m
  • Number of heights: 12

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4 x 4

Werner MT Telescopic Ladder Stairwell Extended Plastering

  • Closed length: 1.24m
  • Safe working height
    • Step ladder: 2.77m
    • Extension ladder: 4.55m
    • Stairwell ladder: 2.77m
  • Number of heights: 20

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4 x 5

Werner MT Telescopic Ladder Step Ladder Loading Paint Brush

  • Closed length: 1.51m
  • Safe working height
    • Step ladder: 3.29m
    • Extension ladder: 5.81m
    • Stairwell ladder: 3.29m
  • Number of heights: 30

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