Werner Expands Into Canadian Market

Mar 1, 2013

Comprehensive Product Portfolio For DIYers and Professional Contractors Now Available in Canada; Canadian Website Launches Concurrently 

Greenville, PA, February 25, 2013 – Werner Co. announced today the company’s formal expansion plans into Canada. Through Werner’s recent acquisition of Knaack LLC, the company now offers an extensive product line for home improvement enthusiasts and professional contractors in Canada and around the globe. 

Backed by years of product innovation, Werner products are recognized for their durability, quality and safety. Werner’s comprehensive product line, which is CSA approved (Canadian Standards Association), includes ladders, climbing equipment, ladder accessories and jobsite, truck and van storage equipment. 

“We are thrilled to be selling our products to the Canadian market and our retailers and distributors are seeing increased demand for our product portfolio”, said Daniel Hadcock, Director of Sales at Werner Access Products Canada. “Our products demonstrate a rich heritage of design and manufacturing innovation. Werner develops product advancements for end users based on specific applications to suit their needs and we look forward to gaining product insight from the Canadian market to further improve our offering.” 

Werner’s Innovative Product Introductions 

Known for its technological and product innovation, Werner leads the industry with its commitment to design, vertically integrated manufacturing and independent testing at its factories in North America, Europe and Asia. Werner’s dedication to quality is evident in several industry-leading developments over the years, including: 

  • Lock-In Accessories: Eliminating multiple trips up and down the ladder makes any job easier, faster and safer. Werner’s Lock-In System™ features accessories that “lock in” to the top of specially designed stepladders to provide a more efficient way of keeping all tools, supplies and materials close at hand and eliminating the countless trips to grab something. Werner’s innovative accessories, such as ladder tops and pail shelves, can hold tools, small parts and paint buckets to increase overall productivity.


  • Equalizer: The Equalizer™ is the smartest extension ladder on the market. It’s adjustable legs neutralize uneven ground on any jobsite. The dual action feet provide a sure-footed foundation on both hard and penetrable surfaces. It is easy to use both indoors and outdoors and even works on stairs.


  • Tripod Ladders: The unique three-legged design of a tripod ladder fits into tight work areas, allowing you to go where other ladders cannot. The convenient spreader handle design improves setup and makes these ladders easy to transport. The front section is fully braced and the molded external rail shields help protect against abrasion and rail damage. The fibreglass rails are non-conductive to provide a safe climbing product, while working near electricity.

New User Focused Canadian Website

As part of Werner’s entry into the Canadian market, the company is also introducing a new, intuitive and easy to navigate website, located at http://canada.wernerco.com/. The website provides customers with complete product information and how-to videos to make the best choices in ladders and other climbing equipment. In addition, end-users will be able to filter and compare products, find a retailer and use the Ladder Finder to select the right product based on preferred ladder style, height, performance rating or material. The comprehensive product detail pages provide all of the necessary information to choose the best product for the job. 

Werner’s acquisition of Knaack LLC in September 2012 includes the industry leading KNAACK® and WEATHER GUARD® brands which rounds out the portfolio of best-in-class products for the professional channel. Werner will continue to offer innovative brands and products to support the distributor and retailer network in Canada and around the world.