Easy 3-Step Installation

STEP 1 - Prepare the Area

Identify an ideal location for your escape ladder beneath an upper story window. Measure and mark the correct dimensions for your ladder on the wall space beneath the window. Using the template provided, make cut marks directly on the wall and remove that section of drywall.

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STEP 2 - Install the Pan

Insert the insulation sheet and pan into the open wall space. Through the pan, mark and drill pilot holes into the studs. Bolt the pan to the studs to secure the unit in place.

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Werner Fire Escape Ladder Install the Ladder

STEP 3 - Install the Ladder

With the ladder stack in the proper orientation bolt the webbing to the studs through each side of the pan. Place the ladder stack into the pan with the climbing assistance strap folded neatly on top. Finish the installation by caulking around the outer edge and paint or wallpaper the unit to match the room’s decorating style.


Installation Overview

Learn how you can install your new escape ladder in 3 easy steps.

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Full Installation Video

Be sure to review the safety precautions before using your ladder.

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