AE Energy Seal Universal Aluminum Attic Ladder

Air Locking Design
Integrated weather stripping on the ladder frame creates a tight seal that reduces drafts, air leakage and wasted energy by 60% vs. standard wood attic ladder doors.
R-5 Insulation
Insulation in the door structure provides 5 times more energy efficiency than standard wood attic ladder doors.
Lightweight And Long Lasting
Made of aluminum, this attic ladder is durable and light but still rugged enough to handle loads up to 375 lbs.
Smooth Performance
Gas struts provide smooth opening and closing, a “slam-free” door and a wider opening into the attic.

Performance Overview

SizeStyleRough Opening Width x LengthLoad CapacityMaterial
8ft to 10ftFolding25in x 54in -- 22-1/2in x 54in375lbAluminum


Model No.Rough Opening Width x LengthApprox. Shipping Weight (lb)Approx. Product Weight (lb)Closed WidthBuy Online
AE221022-1/2in x 54in55.555.522.5in
AE2210J22-1/2in x 54in59.4159.4122.5in
AE251025in x 54in63.0363.0325in
AE2510J25in x 54in64.3764.3725in