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Frequently Asked Questions About Ramps

Ramps: R522CA, R402CA, R301CA

What if I’d like to load equipment with a small wheelbase, such as a generator?
All three Werner ramps include a locking feature to connect the pair, creating a single ramp.
I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a ramp, as I only need to load my 4X4 a few times a year. Is there an alternative?
Yes, Werner has a cost effective Straight Ramp Kit available, which offers flexibility to fit and support 2x8 ft. (61x244 cm), 2x10 ft. (61x305 cm), and 2x12 ft. (61x366 cm) boards.
When should I use an arched ramp?
Both the R522CA Folding Arched Ramp and R301CA Arched Ramp are recommended for both high and low clearance vehicles. Tractors, riding mowers and ATVs are all acceptable for loading.
Which ramp will I need if I will only use it to load my ATV 4X4?
The R301CA Straight Ramp would be ideal for loading high clearance vehicles, such as a 4X4.
Different types of ladders are designed to keep you safe and productive when climbing or standing. Using the wrong style of ladder or simply ignoring the limitations of climbing equipment can result in a fall or serious injury.
Height reach Height is referring to the actual ladder height. Extension ladders should be 7 to 10 feet longer than the highest support or contact point, which may be the wall or roof line. The highest standing level is four rungs down from the top. The highest permitted standing level on a stepladder is two steps down from the top.

Reach height is the maximum reach assuming a 5’6” person with a vertical 12” reach.
Ladders are designed to safely hold up to a specific amount of weight. The Werner Performance System defines five different capacities using a color and star rating system. The Duty Rating is defined as the maximum safe load capacity of the ladder. A person’s fully clothed weight plus the weight of any tools and materials that are carried onto the ladder must be less than the load capacity.

Performance system
Werner offers ladder made from fiberglass and aluminum. Each material has characteristics which make it best for certain applications, or one material may simply fit the personal preferences of the user. For example, if working around electricity users should select fiberglass products due to their non-conductive side rails.