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Werner Ladder Australia Ladder Safety Tips

Safe Climbing Habits
Ladders are common tools that many people assume they know how to climb safely, when in fact they may not. Safe and efficient use of ladders is not complicated or difficult, but it does require that the users practice proper ladder safety habits.
How to Choose a Ladder
When choosing the right ladder for the job, users need to consider 4 key steps including: style, height, duty rating, and material.
Safety Before You Climb
After you have chosen the correct ladder, here are some additional safety tips to review to ensure that the product is in good working condition.
DOs and DON'Ts
Werner wants you to stay safe while climbing your ladder. Review these tips on the right and wrong ways to use a ladder.

Different types of ladders are designed to keep you safe and productive when climbing or standing. Using the wrong style of ladder or simply ignoring the limitations of climbing equipment can result in a fall or serious injury.
To ensure you choose the ladder best suited to your needs, follow the Werner height safety charts on the Ladder Safety Tips page. Note, the highest permitted standing level on a stepladder is two steps down from the top. A person standing higher may lose their balance and fall. A person’s maximum safe reaching height is approximately 1.2m higher than the height of the ladder. For example, a typical person can safety reach a 2.4m ceiling on a 1.2m ladder.
Ladders are designed and constructed to safely hold up to a specific amount of weight. Werner ladders come in two different Duty Ratings identified by their application in domestic or industrial settings.

Werner offers ladders made from fibreglass and aluminium. Each material has characteristics which make it best for certain applications, or one material may simply fit the personal preferences of the user. For example, fiberglass is recommended when there is potential contact with electrical wires or a hostile environment, such as exposure to certain chemicals.