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SRST-72AZ Series Steel Portable Scaffold

Sections Stack Easily
Sets up quickly, easy for one person to do alone.
Work Safely and Securely
Protected locking pins prevent accidental release.
Deck Pin
Secures plywood to frame. Platform height is adjustable for unique working heights and uneven surfaces.
Swivel Locking Casters
Allow user to move easily from room to room. All ball bearing casters remove easily for stacking.

SRST-72AZ Series Steel Portable Scaffold Overview

The SRST-72AZ Steel Rolling 1.8 m Scaffold has a 450kg (Working Load Limit - distributed evenly). The locking casters swivel for convenient 360-degree mobility. Unique design protects the locking pins to prevent accidental unlocking or release. Deck pins secure plywood to scaffold frame. Platform height is adjustable in 50mm increments for unique working heights and uneven surfaces such as a stairwell. Sections stack easily when casters are removed (2 section maximum).

Series Performance Overview

StyleLoad CapacityApprox. Product Height (m)
Rolling Scaffold450kg1.9 m/3.6 m

Series Model Matrix

Model No.
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