Professional Products
The Werner brand has built a history of success focusing on the need of the professional with innovative products ensuring productivity, durability and safety.

Productivity & Safety
From stepladders with lock-in accessory tops and EDGE bracing, to TWIST-PROOF extension ladders with built-in levelling, Werner ladders can be used for all DIY and professional projects.

A heritage of fibreglass and aluminum products developed to meet the rugged demands of the professional. Built-in features give these ladders the reputation of being the most durable on the job.

Werner Products

The most popular ladder style used. Available in fibreglass and aluminum with multi-functional tops.
Attic Ladders
Gain access to unused storage space in your home.
Extension Ladders
These ladders handle a wide range of tasks and are available in various heights and materials.
Step Stools
Convenient, lightweight and easy to store.
Multi-Purpose Ladders
Versatile, multi-functional and multi-positional.

Make the job easier and improve productivity.