AH Series Universal Aluminum Attic Ladders

Lightweight And Long Lasting
Made of aluminum, the attic ladder is durable and light but still rugged enough to handle loads up to 375 lbs.
Fits In Most Homes
Easily fits in most homes with ceiling heights from 8-12 feet and an attic openings of 22 ½” x 54”, 25” x 54” or 25" x 66".
Gas Struts
Provide a smooth closing, “slam-free” door and a wider opening into the attic.
Easy To Install
Includes a comprehensive installation manual and helpful online videos.

Performance Overview

SizeStyleRough Opening Width x LengthLoad CapacityPerformance RatingMaterial
12 ft -- 8 ft to 10 ft Folding 22-1/2in x 54in -- 25 in x 66 in 375 lbsAluminum


Model No.SizeFloor to Ceiling Height RangeRough Opening Width x LengthLadder WidthLanding Space RangeSwing Clearance Buy Online
AH2210 8 ft to 10 ft7 ft 8 in to 10 ft 3 in22-1/2in x 54in14-1/8 in4 ft to 5 ft 3 in5 ft 10 in
AH2510 8 ft to 10 ft7 ft 8 in to 10 ft 3 in25 in x 54 in17-1/8 in4 ft to 5 ft 3 in5 ft 10 in
AH251212 ft10 ft 5 in to 12 ft25 in x 66 in17-1/8 in5 ft 11 in7 ft 3 in
Same model is available as AH2210B at Home Depot
Same model is available as AH2510B at Home Depot