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Stepladders are the most popular of all ladder styles. These ladders are often used for applications at low or medium heights. Ladder tops and pail shelves can hold tools, small parts and paint buckets.
Extension Ladders
Extension ladders are available in a wide assortment of types and sizes. They can handle an extremely wide range of tasks at varying elevations and are the most popular kind of long ladders.

Multi-Purpose Ladders
Offering incredible versatility, a Werner Multi-Purpose Ladder is the only ladder you may ever need. Each specialty ladder can be easily transformed into multiple configurations to suit any job.

Household Step Stools
Ideal for any task in the home, kitchen or garage. Werner step stools are easily transportable, lightweight, compact and have an attractive design for in-home use.

Attic Ladders
Turn empty space into storage space with Werner's full line of attic ladders including the new Compact Attic Ladder. Available in wood and aluminum and for small or oversized openings. Get organised by using untapped space in your home.
Portable Scaffold
Do you need to haul heavy materials? Do you need a convenient work bench or handy storage unit? Werner Portable Scaffolds are the perfect, all-in-one product for you.

Planks have hooked ends and are primarily used with steel frame scaffold for general construction.

Improve productivity and efficiency by customising your ladder with a wide variety of Werner accessories.