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As a worldwide leader in ladders Werner brings the same expertise and resources to the UK. We offer distribution channels, multiple brands, merchandising solutions, marketing services, world-class safety training and excellent customer service.

Our goal is simple – to support our customers in the UK so that they can successfully grow their business and provide end-users the best work at height product available.
Werner is revered for a broad product line that provides the best work at height solutions for both trades and consumers. Our commitment to safety, productivity and quality is recongnised throughout the industry. Never satisfied with resting on past successes, Werner leads the way by continuing to invest in new products, markets, categories and technologies.

The Werner Advantage

Leading Brand

We are 100% committed to delivering superior quality products and offer a large range of ladders for domestic and industrial use for the UK market. Werner ladders are manufactured and tested to the strictest quality standards. All Werner ladders meet or exceed British Standards Institute (BSI) requirements, where applicable. Furthermore, all Werner ladders have a 25 year Guarantee.

Best in Class Product

Focusing on end-users' needs is what drives Werner's success. Our entire product design process from engineering to manufacturing creates products that ensures productivity, durability and safety for the user. On jobsites across the world, Werner is preferred more than any brand because innovation, safety and durability are built into every product.
Werner's range includes: stepladders, stepstools, combination ladders, extension ladders, platform steps, work platforms, loft ladders and access towers. Several ladder ranges are available in aluminium and fibreglass construction to ensure versatility is offered through the entire Werner range.
- Combine end-user research with industry-leading manufacturing technologies to build ladders with the highest level of safety and productivity.

- At-source and in-house quality assurance programs.

- Comparative product testing to ensure world's best practice is maintained.

- Highest application of design standards compliance.

World Class Training

The two principal causes of ladder related injuries are: using the wrong ladder for the job and misusing or abusing climbing equipment. Werner's goals are very simple; we want to help our customer better understand how to choose the right ladder for the job and learn how to use ladders safely.

We focus on:

- Showing the end-user how to select the correct ladder.

- All Werner ladders have clear and concise instruction labels.

- Providing information sheets on ladder safety tips to help promote safe use.

- Committed in-house training programs delivered by industry professionals.

Effective Promotions

Werner strives to be the best in class in communicating and promoting the features and benefits of Werner ladders to the end-user. Focus is applied to provide applicable information to what the end-user requires to make an educated in store purchase to fit any job requirement.

- Clear and concise communication strategy on all Werner point of sale.

- Professionally designed packaging featuring key purchasing criteria.
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- Wide range of promotional materials from product catalogues to in store merchandising.

- Knowledgeable industry professionals to personalise product ranging to suit your store requirements.

- Maximising sales opportunity through the compact Werner ladder display units, including innovative planogramming solutions tailored to in store requirements.

Superior Service

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Werner continues to expand and meet the needs of our end-users around the world through our worldwide network of manufacturing, sales and warehouse facilities. With state of the art technologies and processes, Werner is strategically positioned for growth and new opportunities with each facility fully staffed to deliver millions of work at height products to end-users everywhere.

- Industry focused sales staff with detailed product knowledge and training.
- Timely order fulfillment via world class logistics network.

- Active in store representation for effective stock control management.

- Superior category management through experienced hardware professionals.

Different types of ladders are designed to keep you safe and productive when climbing or standing. Always select a ladder that is right for the job and meets the required standards; if in doubt, select a strong product. Using the wrong style of ladder or simply ignoring the limitations of climbing equipment can result in a fall or serious injury.
Reach Height is the maximum reach calculated by adding the maximum standing height on a ladder plus the average height of a 1.75m (5'6") person.
The highest ladder standing point on an extension ladder is typically 4 rungs from the top and a stepladder without a platform is 3 steps from the top. On a platform stepladder, the highest standing point would be the platform itself.
Ladders are designed to safely hold up to a specific amount of weight. The load capacity is defined as the maximum safe load on the ladder. A person's fully clothed weight plus the weight of any tools and materials that are carried onto the ladder must be less than the load capacity.
Werner ladders are made from fibreglass, aluminium, steel & plastic. Each material has characteristics which make it best for certain applications or one material may simply fit the personal preferences of the user. For example, if working around electricity users should select fibreglass products due to their non-conductive stiles.