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Lock-In System Accessories

Increase Productivity
Expand your ladder top and keep your tools close to your job.
Secure Tools from Falling
Keep tools in good condition.
Save Trips
Stop going up and down your ladder to get more supplies. Keep tools within reach of your job.
Compatible with Werner HolsterTop® ladders found on Werner fibreglass stepladders Grades 1 and 2 (Types IA, I, and II).

79000 Series Lock-In Accessories Overview

The 79000 series Lock-In Accessories are for use on ladders that include the Lock-In System sockets to help expand your work surface and limits trips up and down the ladder.

Series Model Matrix

Model No.Approx. Product Weight (kg)Buy Online
Great for painting high areas
Disposable Paint Cup Liner
Increase ladder storage and maximise your work space
Expand your work surface
Great for holding large or odd items
Keep cords from getting tangled in your ladder
Prevents tools from falling
Different types of ladders are designed to keep you safe and productive when climbing or standing. Always select a ladder that is right for the job and meets the required standards; if in doubt, select a strong product. Using the wrong style of ladder or simply ignoring the limitations of climbing equipment can result in a fall or serious injury.
Reach Height is the maximum reach calculated by adding the maximum standing height on a ladder plus the average height of a 1.75m (5'6") person.
The highest ladder standing point on an extension ladder is typically 4 rungs from the top and a stepladder without a platform is 3 steps from the top. On a platform stepladder, the highest standing point would be the platform itself.
Ladders are designed to safely hold up to a specific amount of weight. The load capacity is defined as the maximum safe load on the ladder. A person's fully clothed weight plus the weight of any tools and materials that are carried onto the ladder must be less than the load capacity.
Werner ladders are made from fibreglass, aluminium, steel & plastic. Each material has characteristics which make it best for certain applications or one material may simply fit the personal preferences of the user. For example, if working around electricity users should select fibreglass products due to their non-conductive stiles.